In this section you will find a database of prohibited appliances. It concerns products in the following areas: 

  • Electricity (Low-voltage directive, directive on electromagnetic compatibility, appliances intended for use in a potentially explosive environment);
  • Gas (directive on gas appliances);
  • Energy labels and the energy efficiency of different appliances (boiler, fridge, etc.).

Legal framework

The legislation applying to these products is the transposition of a number of European directives on the free movement. In order to verify whether the appliances placed on the market or put into service meet the essential requirements stated in these European directives. Random inspections and tests and carried out by accredited laboratories.

Where it is confirmed that an appliance does not meet the essential requirements, the authorised minister is presented with a ministerial order for approval, with a ban on marketing the contested appliance.

The Directorate-General for Energy (PDF, 27.68 KB) is in charge of the free movement of such products

Recovery of used household appliances

The non-profit organisation "Recupel" handles the recovery of prohibited appliances. Further information can be found on

You can also contact Mr PICRON, attaché - head of department at the Directorate-General for Energy, or his secretariat.

Last update
5 November 2021

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