The CASP tests ( Coordinated Activities on the Safety of Products) demonstrate that personal transport equipment can cause a risk to safety:

  • Personal transport equipment are too often involved in accidents. This is partly due to low awareness, or because users do not understand the instructions for safe use. Safety warnings must be clear and visibly displayed. Inform consumers about weight and height restrictions, and advise them to check the brakes and lights upon each use. They should be informed that driving in the rain or on wet roads can lead to accidents or injury due to sudden electrical failure.
  • Make consumers aware of the potential risk of fire or explosion when charging their personal transport equipment. Advise consumers to use the original charger, or a replacement charger recommended by the manufacturer. Warn consumers against charging their personal transport equipment at night to avoid overheating, fire or burns.

What should manufacturers look out for?

  1. Only produce safe electric personal transport equipment that complies with the Royal Decree of 12 August 2008.
  2. Use pictograms for safety warnings.
  3. Ensure that all warnings are clearly visible.
  4. Ensure that the instructions for safe use are clearly displayed and easy to understand.

Manufacturers and importers of personal transport equipment in the EU are required to ensure the safety of European consumers. Manufacturers must fully comply with EU safety standards, and include safety warnings and instructions for safe use.

Last update
19 April 2023

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