For the attention of manufacturers:

  1. Only produce safe child seats. Comply with the existing safety requirements. When designing the child bike seat, the child’s safety must be your top priority.
  2. Make sure that all safety warnings are clearly visible.
  3. Share information regarding risks and clearly display safety warnings.
  4. Contribute to child bike seats safety across Europe!
  5. Protect our youngest consumers!

Manufacturers must provide safety warnings, clear and precise instructions and guidelines for safe use:

  • Safety warnings about the risks the child is exposed to if instructions are not followed.
  • Recommendations on the suitability of the product, based on the child’s age, height and weight.
  • Recommendations for safe assembly, positioning and attachment of the seat.

Manufacturers and importers of child bike seats in the EU are required to ensure that young European consumers are safe. Manufacturers must fully comply with EU safety requirements, and include safety warnings and instructions for safe use.

Last update
19 April 2023

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