Safety of consumer products

The European Commission finances a joint market surveillance campaign around 6 different categories of products intended for consumers. Some are called CASP for 'Coordinated Activities on the Safety of Products'. The campaigns in which the FPS Economy took part targeted the following product categories:

  • soft toys,
  • slime toys,
  • child seats for bicycles,
  • batteries,
  • chargers,
  • personal transport vehicles,
  • co-sleeping beds, baby sleeping bags And baby nests.

The purpose of these joint market surveillance campaigns is to check that the products intended to be placed on the market are safe and compliant with the legislation and to ensure that non-compliant or dangerous products are withdrawn from the market. The advantage of such joint actions is that more products can be monitored with fewer resources and the inspections are carried out in a coordinated and more harmonised manner, thus achieving a greater impact on the safety of products on the market.

Last update
11 April 2023

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