Quality is the set of characteristics of an organisation that enable it to meet its own expectations and those of its customers. The analysis and continuous improvement of processes are the basis of quality management.

The quality of the exchanged services and products can generate a high level of trust, especially when the conformity is assessed by a well-established and reliable third party. This trust is all the more necessary as trade barriers tend to disappear from a market that the FPS Economy is responsible for supervising.

The FPS Economy plays a role in this context by setting up:

  • tools made available to companies
  • a quality approach as part of its operation

Tools for Companies

The FPS Economy develops tools to improve quality in companies, namely:

It also carries out sector-specific actions, particularly in the construction sector.

A Quality Approach for the Operation of the FPS Economy

The FPS Economy is aware of the role model that the federal administration must play and strives to put quality principles into practice and adhere to an approach of continuous improvement.

The Office of the President, the Directorate-General for Quality and Safety and the Directorate-General for Economic Inspection have obtained the ISO 9001: 2015 quality certification. It is a standard for quality management systems in an organisation and the way in which the organisation conducts its quality policy.

The ISO 9001 label confirms the quality approach to which the FPS Economy has been resolutely committed for years. It demonstrates that the powers assigned to the federal government in this area are being managed with due seriousness.

The FPS Economy is working on the implementation of an integrated system for the different ISO 14001, EMAS, ISO/IEC 17020 and ISO/IEC 17025 standards/schemes based on the ISO 9001 standard which deals with quality management.

Last update
13 December 2022

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