Calibrating a measuring instrument is the only way to be sure of the correctness, accuracy and validity of the results. Used as a quality assurance tool, periodic calibration of equipment also helps to minimise the cost of errors due to inaccuracies or incorrect measurements. Regular calibration is therefore a source of real savings.

The calibration services offered by the FPS Economy are designed to enable users and manufacturers of measuring instruments to achieve the best possible measurement quality.

Most of the services of the National Standards Service are unique in Belgium in terms of:

  • Availability: we quickly put the latest technological advances into practice. Some examples:
  • JVS (Josephson Voltage Standard),
  • Fizeau interferometry for flatness, ,
  • AFM (Atomic Force Microscope) traceability,
  • Optical Frequency Comb,
  • Direct traceability to UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) ;
  • Quality: we achieve the lowest measurement uncertainties;
  • International Recognition: our published measurement capabilities (CMC) are guaranteed and recognised by all signatory countries of the Metre Convention (BIPM) through a system of international comparisons between laboratories.

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Additional services are offered in Belgium by several BELAC accredited laboratories.

Last update
1 June 2023

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