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    If the conditions for accreditation are no longer being met and proportional to the seriousness of the facts, the Board may decide on a suspension or withdrawal of the accreditation.

    Suspension applies to those cases where compliance with the accreditation criteria is no longer established, for all or for part of the activities but where a return to normal circumstances can be expected. 

    A body may request the suspension or the withdrawal (cancellation) of its accreditation at any time on its own initiative. Such a request may relate either to all activities covered by the accreditation or to only part of them.

    Withdrawals / suspensions of accreditations



    Name body


    4/08/2020 491-TEST E.E.G. SLACHTHUIS nv Voluntary withdrawal
    23/7/2020 358-INSP TÜV SUD BVBA Voluntary withdrawal
    18/06/2020 052-TEST SERVACO nv Voluntary partial withdrawal of tests on textiles and leather
    15/05/2020 464-TEST Hygiène et expertise bvba Voluntary partial withdrawal (Transfer to 661-TEST)
    20/04/2020 442-INSP VINCOTTE CERTIGO ASBL Voluntary total withdrawal
    9/04/2020 623-TEST Eagle Projects bvba Voluntary total withdrawal
    17/03/2020 404-MED Klinisch laboratoriumGZA - Campus Sint-Augustinus Voluntary withdrawal of the Clinical chemistry sector
    7/02/2020 077-MED Medisch Labo D. Van Waes - D. Declerck bv cvbA Voluntary withdrawal
    24/01/2020 567-INSP Pump Service Automatic nv Voluntary withdrawal
    17/01/2020 180-TEST Laboratorium De Vliegher Voluntary withdrawal (fusion with 296-TEST)
    1/01/2020 004-CAL
    Trescal nv Voluntary withdrawal (fusion with 001-CAL and transfer to 001-INSP)
    31/12/2019 088-TEST CARAH asbl Voluntary withdrawal (Transfer to 652-TEST)
    25/11/2019 093-INSP CERTISYS sprl Voluntary withdrawal
    21/11/2019-04/05/2020 397-TEST Blasco

    Voluntary total suspension

    The suspension was lifted on 04/05/2020.



    Blue Guide EMC Lab

    Voluntary withdrawal



    Multiplicom nv

    Voluntary withdrawal



    Schelde-natie inspecties  nv

    Voluntary withdrawal (fusion with 506-INSP)





    Quality Partner sa

    Voluntary withdrawal (transfer to 620-PROD, 620-INSP and 620-QMS)

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    17 August 2020