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    If the conditions for accreditation are no longer being met and proportional to the seriousness of the facts, the Board may decide on a suspension or withdrawal of the accreditation.

    Suspension applies to those cases where compliance with the accreditation criteria is no longer established, for all or for part of the activities but where a return to normal circumstances can be expected. 

    A body may request the suspension or the withdrawal (cancellation) of its accreditation at any time on its own initiative. Such a request may relate either to all activities covered by the accreditation or to only part of them.

    Total withdrawals / total suspensions



    Name body


    1/03/2019 017-QMS BCC-CBC - Belgisch Centrum voor Certificatie - Centre belge de Certification Suspension sur dꤩsion de BELAC
    31/12/2018 356-CAL Messer Belgium nv Retrait volontaire
    31/12/2018 248-TEST sa COCA-COLA nv - European Quality Center (EQC) Retrait volontaire
    13/11/2018 471-TEST Laboratoire d'Aquaris sa Voluntary withdrawal
    24/10/2018 477-INSP Allied Reliability Group EMEA nv Voluntary withdrawal (Transfer to 622-INSP)
    24/10/2018 335-INSP
    Belgorail s.a. Partial suspension of inspection and product certification activities at site Madrid
    17/10/2018 288-TEST Geocycle SA Voluntary withdrawal
    15/10/2018 440-INSP Bureau Veritas Marine Belgium & Luxembourg N.V : (DNI - Direction de la Navigation Intérieure) Voluntary withdrawal
    28/09/2018 509-TEST Caprion Biosciences sa Voluntary withdrawal
    6/09/2018 542-TEST VWR International bvba Voluntary withdrawal
    5/09/2018 584-TEST ULB - Service de Contrôle Physique - Section dosimétrie Withdrawal following BELAC decision after suspension
    28/6/2018 175-TEST Centre de Recherches Routières Partial voluntary suspension of the activities at site Waver
    22/6/2018 405-TEST Klinisch Laboratorium Imeldaziekenhuis Bonheiden Voluntary withdrawal
    22/05/2018 018-INSP
    LLOYD'S REGISTER EMEA, kantoor Antwerpen Voluntary withdrawal



    Laboratoire des Ressources Hydriques – Ulg

    Voluntary withdrawal after suspension





    Voluntary withdrawal (transfer to 081-TEST, 081-PT and 081-MED)




    Voluntary withdrawal

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    6 March 2019