Make a simulation yourself

You can use the simulator from the BIPT, the Belgian Institute of Postal Services and Telecommunications. You can find the simulator at

What is your user profile?

We advise you to first download or print our Your user profile summary (PDF, 239.44 KB).

Here you can find the user profiles for

  • fixed telephone,

  • GSM (or smartphone) and

  • internet.

These profiles are based on the profiles used by 'Test-Achats' and the BIPT. Keep the brochure close to hand and choose the profile which best suits you.

Before starting, we recommend the following tip: make a separate comparison for GSM (or smartphone) offers. If they are part of a bundle, you will not see offers from operators which only sell mobiles, and you might miss out on offers.

Simulation for a bundle

Compare product bundles

Make the simulation for GSM/smartphone

Compare the various GSM offers, both for calls and mobile internet on your smartphone.

For mobile internet, visit our website which will show you how to better manage your consumption and browse online with peace of mind.

Make regular comparisons

The prices and offers of telecom operators change every day. That's why it's a good idea to make regular comparisons (for example once a year) and look for the packages which offer the best deal for you.

However, don't forget that switching operators too often can be expensive because you may have to pay a fixed fee for each switchover (e.g. activation fees).

Keep in mind that a procedure has been in place since 1 July 2017 to simplify the process of switching operators if you have at least one internet access service or television service. This procedure is called Easy Switch.

  • Easy Switch makes it easy to switch fixed operators. The procedure applies automatically, but you can expressly ask not to take advantage of it. If you use the Easy Switch procedure, you authorise your new operator to organise the switchover on your behalf.

  • You just need to specify whether you want to transfer your number (including your mobile number, if it is offered with fixed services) or cancel it.

To find out more, go to:


BIPT's simulator is an objective comparison tool for the different telecommunications products proposed by all operators in Belgium. Operators offering telecommunications services in Belgium have a legal obligation to introduce their prices into the system, as well as the main information relating to services which are currently available for sale in the residential market (Law of 13 June 2005 on electronic communications).

More information on the BIPT simulator

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