Digital Champion

Digital Champions are the ambassadors of the Digital Single Market. They are designated by their member state to promote the benefits of a digital society among the public.

These Digital Champions lead innovative projects in the areas of ICT training, digital inclusion, accessibility and e-governance. Many of these Digital Champions actively promote the development of digital skills and entrepreneurship among young people, helping to tackle youth unemployment by sharing innovative ideas that have worked in their own countries.

In 2012, the European Commission invited each member state to designate a Digital Champion.

Saskia Van Uffelen is the Digital Champion for Belgium. She was presented with this accolade in November 2012 by Deputy Prime Minister Johan Vande Lanotte. Her mandate has been renewed every year since 2014 by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for the Digital Agenda, Alexander De Croo.

The Digital Jobs and Skills Coalition

The Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition aims to ensure that every European citizen acquires the digital skills they need to remain productive, employable and enfranchised in European society.

The Coalition brings together EU member states and stakeholders (businesses, social partners, non-profit associations, educational service providers, etc.).

Member states can support the collaboration between the various actors in their countries in developing digital skills by grouping them together within national coalitions. For Belgium, the contact point of the national coalition is Saskia Van Uffelen, Digital Champion of Belgium and coordinator of

Last update
9 December 2022