Digital Duel

Tim is a "digital native": the digital world holds no secrets for him. Take on the Digital Duel and discover which digital generation you belong to.

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What is “Digital Duel”?

Digital Duel is an interactive and fun online test in which you will be fighting "digital natives" for whom digitisation no longer holds any secrets.

Do you dare to compete with them? Take the test and find out which digital generation you belong to. Training will also be offered if you wish to improve your skills.

Digital Duel was set up by the FPS Economy and the Belgian Digital Champion, at the initiative of the Minister in charge of the Digital Agenda.

Digital skills, a must in everyday life

These days, digital technology is omnipresent. Mastering digital tools has become essential to communicate with family, friends and your professional entourage, to surf, to organise trips, to do research or to shop online safely, to create content and even to become a true professional on the web.

A boost to your professional future

Having good digital skills is a real asset on the job market. Digital professions are developing quickly, but Belgium lacks skilled workers in this area. By 2020, almost 750,000 skilled jobs in information and communication technologies (ICT) may not be filled in in Europe. Therefore, being able to use digital tools increases your chances on the job market.

And what is your level? Take the test at

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Last update
15 May 2018