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    What is a Broadband Competence Office (BCO) ?

    A Broadband Competence Office (BCO) is a public/publicly-appointed entity that should be able to inform Belgian stakeholders (Businesses, authorities and citizens) about broadband and 5G deployments in Belgium. This includes ways to invest effectively in broadband projects with the support of public (EU and regional), as well as information on state aid rules and procedures.

    What are the function of the BCO ?

    • Enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of investments into broadband
    • Accelerating public and private investments in broadband
    • Providing assistance to stakeholders (notably citizens and businesses)
    • Supporting public authorities in the management of broadband.
    • Coordinating the communication and organization with regards to the different stakeholders

    Who can be supported by the BCO ?

    • Citizens, companies and every other stakeholder that would be willing to be informed¬† about recent broadband- and 5G-related news or developments
    • Public authorities (local & regional) in the planning and implementation of the future deployments.
    • Telecom operators, project promoters and other entities that wish to get guidance on the current state of broadband- and 5G- projects

    Any question left ?

    As your single Point of Contact, you can send all your inquiries to our email The service is free and covers all project phases, from the preparation to the operational phase. You can also find more information on the site of the European BCO network.

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    24 November 2022