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    As part of the 2025 EU plan to digitally connect every household in the European Union, the FPS Economy would like to fill the existing gaps in terms of 5G & Broadband coverage in the coming 3 years. This objective has resulted in the creation of the Belgian Broadband Competence Office (BCO).

    Our Mission

    The Belgian Broadband Competence Office (BCO) is set up in order to exchange knowledge and good practices with peers, stakeholders, experts and the European BCO Network to build their capacity to bring reliable, high-speed broadband connectivity to all citizens. Minister Petra De Sutter officially launched the Belgian Broadband Competence Office (BCO) as part of the FOD Economie in October 2022.

    Our Goal

    Our mission entails three main goals :

    1. Erasing whitezones in Belgium by 2025
    2. Equipping all households and traffic corridors
    3. Reaching a 100Mbit/s threshold in terms of connectivity speed

    What is the Broadband Competence Office (BCO) ?

    A Broadband Competence Office (BCO) is a public/publicly-appointed entity that should be able to inform Belgian stakeholders (businesses, authorities and citizens) about broadband and 5G deployments in Belgium. This includes ways to invest effectively in broadband projects with the support of public (EU and regional), as well as information on state aid rules and procedures.

    What can we bring you ?

    • We CONNECT you with public and private stakeholders and identify the right contact point for your specific inquiries.
    • We FACILITATE the planning, financing and implementation of your broadband-related projects.
    • We INFORM you about the newest developments in broadband technology, financing opportunities and regulatory developments at EU, national and regional level.

    Our commitment to a connected Europe

    Find more information on the website of the European BCO network and in the implementation roadmap for broadband and 5 G in Belgium.

    Last update
    24 November 2022