The signals that the Directorate-General for Economic Inspection receives everyday show that consumers are often confronted with guarantee disputes. This page features two sections that will help you to be ‘well-informed so that you can (better) solve your problem’:

  • In the ‘legal guarantee’ section, you will find detailed information (for instance on your rights and obligations) on the application of guarantee rules as well as a step-by-step approach to find a solution to your dispute. It is essential to be well-informed before you start. Checking the questions and answers beforehand will enable you to use the letter templates with full knowledge of the facts. For more information on legal guarantee, you can consult the booklet published by the Directorate-General for Economic Regulation (only available in French or Dutch).

  • The ‘letter templates’ section provides you with 14 templates that you can adapt to your problem to help you solve it. These letters are sorted according to the issue at hand.

Last update
17 January 2019