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    Hereby you find some agreements obtained by the  Telecom Mediation Service

    • Unduly debited € 135.67

    Description of the dispute

    Mr B. claims that Belgacom unduly debited € 135.67 from his account through domiciling. The operator admits the mistake in an e-mail and agrees to pay back the sum. However, a few months later, Mr B. is still waiting for his refund.


    One week after he submitted his case, Mr B. informs the mediation service that the sum has finally been paid back. The case is then closed. 

    • Termination of services even though a payment was done on time 

    Description of the dispute

    On 9 February 2014 the Ombudsman Service for Telecommunications received a complaint from Mr C. through Belmed.

    Mr C. said that TV-Vlaanderen had terminated his services even though he had sent his payment on time. TV-Vlaanderen was not able to link the payment with the complainant’s customer account because the payment was sent without any reference.


    Using a proof of payment, TV-Vlaanderen looked for and found the payment and linked it with the account before reactivating the signal and immediately crediting the closing charges, which amounted to € 16.

    Mr C. was satisfied with our mediation service and the case was closed with an amicable solution.

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    6 April 2018