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    1. The aim of the “BELMED” platform made available by the Federal Public Service Economy, S.M.E.s, Self-employed and Energy is to give information on amicable dispute resolution in Belgium as well as to provide a confidential and secure space where procedures for the out-of-court/amicable resolution of commercial disputes can be attempted with the help of a neutral third party.
    2. The “BELMED” platform covers all sectors.
    3. The “BELMED” platform is responsible for the redirection of out-of-court resolution requests to partners that have signed a cooperation protocol with the FPS Economy. Depending on the sector, subsector, procedure language and region, the applicant can choose from a list of independent partners (ombudsman, conciliator, mediator, arbitrator, expert in collaborative law).
    4. The “BELMED” platform Belmed provides a place where consumers and traders can talk freely - with the help of a mediator - to try and solve a commercial dispute amicably.
    5. Except in the case of arbitration, each party can put an end to the amicable resolution process whenever they wish.
    6. If alternative dispute does not work, one or both parties concerned can try another type of amicable resolution (for instance, arbitration or conciliation with a justice of the peace), or can bring the dispute to a court of justice.
    7. People using the “BELMED” platform promise not to use this space to denounce or criticize any person, company or institution. If such a negative behaviour or any exterior disruption renders dialogue impossible, the mediator will inform the Belmed manager and will, if necessary, suspend or even cancel the mediation procedure.
    8. Protection of personal data
      All information about the protection of your personal data  are in the Privacy statement in connection with the use of the BELMED platform.
      Privacy statement
    9. When an amicable resolution request is made via the appropriate form, the applicant automatically receives an acknowledgement receipt that gives a reference number to the request. The “BELMED” platform will indicate which amicable resolution options are possible. If there is a partner in the specific sector, and if this partner works with the “BELMED” platform, the request will be automatically sent to him. If the partner receiving the request notices that another partner is a qualified entity for this type of disputes, he will then redirect the request to this competent partner via the “BELMED” platform.

      This competent partner will then contact the applicant and the other party in the dispute and inform them on the process.
    10. Since the “BELMED” platform is secure, users can only access it after registration and authentication - preferably with the electronic identity card or eID, or, failing that, a personal code (federal token: more information or request a token) or a personal password.

      The “BELMED” platform enables each party:  

      1. to select a partner (competent and neutral third party),  
      2. to update a request by adding one or documents;
      3. to receive specific automated messages when the status of the case evolves.
    11. The “BELMED” platform is accessible 24/7.
    12. Before any amicable resolution request, the applicant has to give his explicit consent to the “BELMED” platform’s terms of use.
    13. As it does not play any part in the amicable resolution process, the FPS Economy, S.M.E.s, Self-employed and Energy cannot be held responsible for any direct or indirect harm resulting from the use of the “BELMED” platform.
    14. Without prejudice to the application of article 1730, § 3 of the Judicial code, of the convention concluded between the parties or of the specific rules followed by the mediators and ombudsmen, the use of an amicable dispute resolution service via the “BELMED” platform does not suspend the limitation period of the court action brought to enforce the consumer's rights or the calculation of the possible interests on late payment

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