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    Website: (only available in French, Dutch and German)

    Submit a mediation request
    via Belmed

    For which problems

    Any problem arising between a customer and a supplier within the framework of the electricity and natural gas market (examples : about invoices, impossibility to obtaining a social tariff, ...).


    • None


    Languages of the procedure:

    • French 

    • Dutch

    • German  

    Prerequisites for access

    • You must have tried to solve the dispute directly with the company, to no avail;
    • Your dispute cannot be over one year old.

    How does it work

    The service will try to reach an amicable solution with the company in question. In case of failure, it will give a non-binding recommendation.

    If the request is considered admissible, the collection process carried out by the electricity or gas company will be suspended from the moment the request was made with the mediation service and until this service gives a recommendation or until the dispute is settled amicably.

    In case of failure, the parties can still try arbitration or take the matter to a court.


    Use the standard form (in FrenchDutch or German) or send a request by regular mail.


    Rules on the procedure to be followed (in French and Dutch).


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    25 January 2019