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    For which problems

    Any dispute concerning:

    • The Ombudsman for the Retail shall have jurisdiction to deal with disputes between a consumer and a registered retailer regarding the fulfilment of a sales or service contract or the use of a product.

    • The Ombudsman for the Retail does not have jurisdiction to deal with:

      • requests concerning compensation for bodily injury;

      • requests concerning liability for defective products;

      • requests which fall within specific fields for which another qualified entity is competent;

      • requests initiated by a retailer or a person acting in a professional capacity.

    • A retailer is registered when it commits to recognise the jurisdiction of the Ombudsman for the Retail, when it bears the costs of its subscription and when it complies with this procedural regulation. The list of registered retailers is published on the Ombudsman for the Retail’s website.

    • The Ombudsman for the Retail will declare inadmissible:

      • requests that do not fall under its jurisdiction;

      • requests that have not previously been submitted to the retailer in question or which were submitted to the retailer over a year ago;

      • requests with a value of less than €25, with the exception of non-monetised requests;

      • requests for the settlement of a dispute which is or has already been the subject of a legal action;

      • requests coming from outside the European Union, Switzerland or Norway;

      • anonymous, fanciful, persecutory or defamatory requests;

      • requests that would seriously impede its operation.


    • Free of charge

    The introduction of a conciliation procedure with the Ombudsman for the Retail is free for consumers. The Ombudsman for the Retail is financed by the registered retailers. The retailer pays a yearly fee based on its turnover as well as application fees on the basis of the number of cases submitted for a conciliation procedure.


    The procedure may take place in:

    • Dutch

    • French

    • English

    Territorial competence

    The Ombudsman for the Retail will handle complaints coming from:

    • the European Union,

    • Swiss and

    • Norway

    and concerning a registered retailer (updated list on the website: ).

    Access conditions

    • You have to act as a consumer.

    How does it work?

    Step 1

    You have purchased a product or a service, but you are not satisfied.

    • You firstly got in touch with the retailer to find a solution?

    • The retailer is registered with the Ombudsman for the Retail?

    Step  2

    If that is the case, you may file a claim! You describe the problem and propose a solution via the online form.


    The retailer analyses your complaint and gives his opinion or may make another proposal to solve the conflict. This step lasts 21 days at most.

    Step 4

    You are satisfied with the retailer’s opinion or proposal?  Then, the matter is settled!

    You are not satisfied? You needn’t worry. The Ombudsman is there for that. He examines the case.

    Step 5

    The Ombudsman for the Retail appoints a neutral and independent conciliator. After having analysed your case, the conciliator makes a conciliation proposal. This step takes 40 days at most.

    Step 6

    It remains for you to accept or refuse the conciliation proposal. You have 15 days at most. The retailer also has to accept the proposal for there to be an agreement.

    Failing agreement, you can still go to court.

    Rules of Procedure

    Rules on the procedure to be followed.

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