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For which problems

For any problem related to a bank service, a credit, an investment, assets management, stocks…


No, except for ‘legal persons’ calling on the Mediation Service for a dispute dealing with a cross-border payment: they will have to pay 50 euro (refunded in case they win).


Languages of the procedure: French, Dutch, German or English

Prerequisites for access

  • You must have tried to solve the dispute directly with the company, to no avail ;
  • The financial institution must be a member of the Belgian Banker's Association, the Professional Union of Credit Providers, the Belgian Association of Stock Exchange Members, the Belgian Asset Managers Association - list of financial institutions;   
  • It must not deal with a trade decision (rate or credit refusal) or to overindebtedness;
  • You must act as a private individual (physical person). If you are a professional (‘legal person’/company), you can appeal to the service if your problem concerns a cross-border payment of 12,500 EUR Maximum within the European  Union..

How does it work

The mediator will try to solve your problem and propose a non binding point of view (unless the problem concerns a basis banking service, such as the opening of an account with withdrawal and payment possibilities, in which case the decision will be binding). In case of failure, the parties can still take the matter to a court.


Use the standard form on the website or send a request by regular mail.

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25 January 2019