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    For which problems

    For any problem arising between a customer and an insurance company, intermediary (life insurance, fire insurance, health insurance, car insurance, third-party insurance, work accident insurance, comprehensive insurance, civil liability insurance, family insurance, travel cancellation insurance, guaranteed income insurance, pension scheme) as well as any problem with DATASSUR (= economic interest group which handles databases. With these databases, an insurer can check whether the information received from the customer is correct and assess the risk profile). 

    Thanks to a network (FIN-NET), the Ombudsman can also transfer any dispute with a foreign insurance company to the appropriate authority abroad. List of countries.




    Languages of the procedure: French or Dutch

    Prerequisites for access

    The dispute has to concern an insurance company or an insurance broker within the context of an existing insurance agreement in Belgium (for cross-border dispute, you can contact the Insurance Ombudsman within the framework of FIN-NET).

    The Insurance Ombudsman advises you to try to solve the dispute directly with the company at first.

    How does it work

    Insurance companies must respect a code of conduct ( available in French and Dutch) as regards the handling of customer complaints.

    If the customer does not receive a satisfactory answer, he can appeal to the Ombudsman, who will try to find an amicable solution with the company in question.

    In case of failure, the parties can still try arbitration or take the matter to a court of law.


    Use the standard form (in French and Dutch) on the website or send a request by regular mail, email or fax.


    The Ombudsman applies strict internal rules of conduct to protect the confidentiality of medical data among other things.

    The Ombudsman respects the "Rules of procedure" (in French and Dutch) published on its website.

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