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    The status of Ombudsman is generally regulated by an act. This act states what he can do and ask and from whom…

    he will try to solve the dispute amicably. A first attempt at resolution must have taken place (and failed) between the parties. He will collect information and give an opinion. 

    This opinion is not binding, that is, the incriminated company is not forced to follow this opinion but if it does not, it must explain why.

    Deadlines are planned during the whole process.

    The dispute can be ‘frozen’ (for instance collection procedure) while the ombudsman analyses the problem. Usually, this deadline cannot extend beyond a predetermined maximum. It is recommended to ask beforehand.

    If the ombudsman’s action fails, it is always possible to try arbitration or to take the matter to a court.

    Until now, his intervention is free of charge.

    Platform for mediation services in Belgium. (only available in French or Dutch) 

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    10 October 2023