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    2927 Tellin 

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    For which problems ?

    Any civil, commercial or social dispute.

    • consumer goods

    • general consumer services

    • post services and electronic communications

    • transportation

    • leisure services

    • energy and water supply

    • health

    • education  


    Fees and expenses to be divided among the parties (equal parts or otherwise, in compliance with article 1731, §1 of the act of 21.02.2005): 75 euro/hour (inclusive of VAT).

    Financial help is available through legal aid.


    Language of the procedure: French 

    Geographical competence

    • Province of Luxembourg

    • Province of Namur 

    Prerequisites for access

    • You must have tried to contact the other party or the company, to no avail;
    • You can take action as a private individual or a professional (legal entity or natural person). 

    How does it work

    Olivier Dulon is registered with the FPS Justice as a mediator in Civil, Commercial and Social matters, in compliance with article 1727, paragraph 6 (Definitive registration) of the act of 21.02.2005. 
    He is a member of the BUPM (Belgian Union of Professional Mediators).  

    A mediator tries to make the parties settle their dispute amicably through a confidential negotiation process. He takes notes on the agreements concluded during these discussions and, if the parties reach a compromise, he writes down an agreement between them. In other words, the mediator does not take any decision in the debate and does not give any verdict: he leads the discussions and writes down the agreement.

    The goal of a mediation process is to find a satisfying solution for all parties. The method is to reopen dialogue between the parties, to give them responsibility in the search for a solution, to find solutions (sometimes original but always satisfactory) and to make sure they part amicably. 
    A mediation process does not take place in a court and follows the rhythm agreed upon by the parties. 

    Mediation protocol

    Mediation protocol to download (only available in French) 


    See tab “Principe de la Médiation” on (only available in French)  

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