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    For which problems

    Any commercial dispute relating to:

    • consumer goods;

    • general consumer services (including construction and real estate);

    • transportation services;

    • entertainment services;

    • energy and water supply;

    • healthcare and

    • teaching.



    The fees are calculated on the basis of the amount concerned in the case:

    • Mediator’s hourly fee: 75 euro (VAT incl.)
    • Secretariat’s hourly fee: 45 euro (VAT incl.)

    For smaller disputes, it is possible to work by e-mail to reduce the costs.


    The mediator will send an invoice for the time spent on the case. Travelling expenses also amount to 0.5 euro/km (VAT incl.) and all other possible costs are to be borne by the parties (e.g. phone calls, maintenance, photocopies, renting of rooms, etc.)

    The time spent on all the steps or missions carried out before, during or after the mediation meeting is taken into account in the calculation of the fees (letters, reports, interviews, phone calls, etc.)


    Language of the procedure:  

    • French

    Geographical competence

    The Walloon Region, which means:

    • The Province of Walloon Brabant;

    • The Province of Hainaut;

    • The Province of Liège;

    • The Province of Luxembourg;

    • The Province of Namur.

    Prerequisites for access

    • You must have tried to contact the other party or the company, to no avail;
    • You are allowed to take action as a private person or as a professional (natural person or legal entity).

    How does it work

    Benoît LOSFELD is a certified mediator in social, civil and commercial matters. He is registered with the FPS Justice in compliance with the act of 21 February 2005 (only available in French and Dutch).

    The mediator opens a new form of dialog between the parties so that they can talk about the situation together and find new solutions based on their interests and not on the stance they have taken. The idea is to look closely into everyone’s interests in order to find a joint solution.

    This procedure is covered by confidentiality.

    The mediator takes notes on the agreements made during these talks and if the parties find a compromise, he writes the settlement they have reached. In other words, the mediator does not settle the dispute and does not take any decision, he leads the discussion and writes down the final agreement.


    • The objective of a mediation procedure is to obtain a satisfactory solution for all parties. The resolution method consists in reinitiating a dialogue between the parties, in giving them responsibility in the search for a solution and in finding creative but satisfactory solutions.
    • A mediation procedure does not take place in court but in a place and at a pace decided upon by the parties.

    Mediation protocol (only available in French)

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