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    Rue Collebrine 19
    1325 Chaumont-Gistoux

    Mobile phone: +32 476 24 73 17 
    Website: (only available in French)

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    For which problems

    Commercial disputes dealing with:

    • Consumer goods

    • General consumer services

    • Financial services

    • Transportation services

    • Leisure services

    • Healthcare

    • Teaching


    Mediator’s hourly fee: 181,50 euro incl. VAT.

    This hourly fee applies to the mediation sessions as well as to the other tasks carried out by the mediator outside the meetings (letters, reports, phone calls, etc.)

    The mediator will add to these fees the sum of his expenses (phone, photocopies, travel, etc.), fixed at a flat rate amounting to 10 % of the total of the fees (with the exception of the possible rental of a meeting space, which will be billed in supplement of the flat rate).  

    Unless provided otherwise, the payment of the fees is divided equally among the parties involved in the dispute.


    Languages in which the procedure can handled : French

    Territorial competence

    • Wallonia

    • Brussels

    Prerequisites for access

    • You must have tried to contact the other party or the company, to no avail;

    • You are allowed to act as a private person or as a professional (legal entity or natural person).

    How does it work

    The mediator is certified by the FPS Justice in compliance with the Mediation Act of 21 February 2005. He respects the deontological principles inherent to the function. The mediator remains neutral and is accepted by both parties.

    He leads the discussion and identifies the issue. Without imposing a solution, he makes it possible for the parties to exchange their points of view in a constructive form of communication. The mediator facilitates dialogue and reflection in an environment favourable to mutual listening, respect, trust and creativity. Finally, he helps the parties to reach an agreement that complies with the law and respects everyone’s interests. The content of the discussions is strictly confidential, with the possible exception of the agreement protocol signed by the parties.

    The objective of a mediation procedure is to satisfy all the parties. The method used involves helping the parties to resume dialogue, making them aware of their responsibilities in the search for an agreement and finding solutions that are sometimes original but always satisfying for everyone.

    A mediation procedure does not take place in court. Its location and timing are chosen so as to be convenient for all parties.

    Mediation protocol

    Mediation protocol available on (only available in French)

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