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    Reservorenstraat 33
    3581 Beverlo (Beringen) 

    Cell phone : +32 477 252394 
    Tel.: +32 11 340 340 
    Fax: +32 11 340 341 
    website: (available in Dutch only)

    Submit a mediation request
    via Belmed

    For which problems ?

    Any dispute relating to:

    • consumer goods

    • general consumer services

    • post services and electronic communications

    • transportation

    • leisure services

    • energy and water supply

    • health

    • education

    • financial services

    Costs ?

    Mediation costs 181.5 euro/hour (150 euro + 21% VAT), to be divided between the parties. If applicable, transportation costs are 0.5 euro/Km, transportation time included.

    Possibility of receiving financial aid by way of legal aid (available in French or Dutch only).

    Languages :

    Language(s) in which the procedure takes place:  NL, FR, DE or EN 

    Geographical competence:

    Flemish region:

    • Province of Antwerp

    • Province of Limburg

    • Province of East Flanders

    • Province of Flemish Brabant

    • Province of West Flanders

    Prerequisites for access?

    You are involved in the dispute and can personally take part in the mediation process. 

    How does it work?

    The mediation platform only works with registered federal mediators who comply with the applicable deontology.

    The mediator is neutral and must be accepted by both parties.

    The mediator cannot give evidence in court. If both parties ask it, he can send a final mediation report for confirmation by the court; this is in no way mandatory. 

    Mediation protocol: (available in Dutch only). 

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    Last update
    4 May 2020