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    9900 Eeklo 

    Mobile phone: +32 496 964 450 

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    For which problems?

    Any civil and commercial dispute relating to:

    • Health matters

    • Education

    • Construction of new houses

    • Home maintenance and repair services (specialised plumbers, roofers, heating engineers…)


    A mediation procedure costs:

    • € 80/hour excl. VAT (€ 96.8/hour incl. VAT), divided among the parties;

    • If the sum concerned exceeds € 2,500, the fees amount to € 120/hour excl. VAT (€145.2/hour incl. VAT), divided among the parties;

    • The writing an agreement costs € 50/hour excl. VAT (€60.5/hour incl. VAT), divided among the parties; 

    • A unique administrative fee of €50 excl. VAT (€60.5 incl. VAT) is charged for the initiation of a judicial mediation;

    • A retainer of € 75 each is asked from both parties before the mediation begins. It will be deducted from the final invoice. 

    • Travel expenses (including travel time) amount to €0.5 per km. 

    • If an assessment on site is required for a mediation in the construction sector (plumbing, heating, ventilation, heat pump and isolation), the fees amount to €90/hour excl. VAT (€108.9 incl. VAT) and include the expertise on site as well as the report that follows. Travel expenses are €0.5 per km.

    An appointment lasts more or less an hour, but longer sessions can be arranged. The number of meetings depend on the content. It is also possible to make appointments in the evening or during the week-end (additional charge of €10 per hour).

    Meetings should be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance, or a cancellation fee of € 50 will be due.

    Financial help is available through legal aid. (only available in French or Dutch)


    Languages in which the mediation procedure can take place: NL

    Territorial competence

    Province of East-Flanders

    Province of West-Flanders

    Province of Antwerp

    Prerequisites for access

    As a physical person or legal entity, you are involved in the dispute and can personally take part in the mediation.

    How does it work?

    Elsie Haertjens of Bemiddeling Vlaanderen is a registered mediator in family, civil and commercial affairs, in compliance with article 1727 § 6 of the Act of 21 February 2005. She is a member of Bemiddeling VZA and Bemiddelingsforum Gent.

    The mediator takes action for and is accepted by both parties.

    The mediator guides the parties in their search for a solution that meets their respective concerns and interests.  

    Contrary to a legal procedure (where a judge imposes his decision), a mediation lets the parties themselves try to find a solution.

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