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    For which problems?

    Any commercial dispute relating to:

    • Consumer goods, general consumer services;

    • financial services and insurances;

    • postal services and electronic communications;

    • transportation services;

    • entertainment services;

    • water and energy supply and 

    • healthcare.


    To be evenly divided among the parties.

    Fees: 121,00 euro (VAT incl.)/hour (meetings, phone calls, drafting of letters and reports).

    Possible extra costs (letters, copies, phone calls, etc.).


    • French

    • English

    Geographical competence

    • Wallonia: Provinces of Walloon Brabant, Hainaut, Liège, Luxembourg and Namur

    • Brussels-Capital Region

    Prerequisites for access  

    • You must have tried to contact the company or the other party, to no avail;

    • You are allowed to take action as a private person or as a professional (natural person or legal entity).

    How does it work?

    Jean ACOLTY offers several methods to solve the parties’ dispute, depending on its financial value:

    • Conciliation: a non-binding advice is given concerning the solution to the dispute. This confidential process can take place exclusively by e-mail and can be interrupted at any moment.
    • Arbitration: a decision is given to settle the dispute definitively, as a court decision would. This confidential procedure can take place exclusively by e-mail but a hearing can also be organised.
    • Mediation: no decision or advice is given in this confidential process.

    The parties decide by common accord to use this method and can stop at any time.

    The objective after one or several mediation meetings is to enable the parties to understand the causes of their dispute and to reach an optimal solution taking their respective interests into account.

    This solution can be written down in an agreement and the parties can ask a judge to ratify it.

    Mediation protocol

    The mediation or arbitration documents are drawn up with the agreement of the parties.

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