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    Jean-Luc Gaye et Jean-Philippe De Middeleer, registered civil and commercial mediators


    Vieux Chemin du Poète 11
    1301 Wavre 

    Telephone: +32 489 54 85 85 
    Fax: +32 10 22 37 45 
    Website: (only available in French) 

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    For which problems

    Any dispute relating to:

    • real estate services

    • building of new houses

    • legal and accounting services

    • financial services

    • energy and water supply

    • health

    Fees (for Belmed users)

    Fees and costs to be shared among the parties (equal parts or otherwise, in compliance with article 1731, §1 of the Act of 21 February 2005)

    • 100 euro for any dispute under 1.000,00 euro

    • 150 for any dispute above 1.000,00 euro

    + charges (= fixed sum amounting to 20 % of the fees)

    Possibility of receiving financial aid by way of legal aid (available in French or Dutch only).


    Language of the procedure: French

    Regional competence

    • The province of Walloon Brabant

    • The Province of Hainaut

    Prerequisites for access

    • You must have tried to solve the dispute directly with the private individual or company, to no avail;

    • You can act as a private individual or a tradesman (legal entity or physical person).

    How does it work?

    1+1=1² : l’équation médiation !

    We are two registered mediators and we lead the mediation process together and in full complementarity (co-mediation).

    We are both trained in civil and commercial mediation and we favour “facilitating” mediation, a type of mediation in which the co-mediators play an important part in the process but do not influence the parties on the content of the case.

    The parties become entirely liable again and regain full control of their own dispute and its solution. This flexible and dynamic approach makes it possible to reopen dialogue, which is the essential starting point for an efficient and liable dispute management.


    Mediation protocol (only available in French)

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