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    Rue de l’Hospice communal 180
    1170 Bruxelles 

    Phone: +32 2 566 90 00 or +32 2 600 52 00
    Fax : +32 2 566 90 10
    e-mail :
    website: (only available in French)

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    For which problems 

    Any dispute relating to consumer goods or consumer services.

    • Consumer goods 

    • General consumer services

    • Financial services

    • Transportation services

    • Leisure services

    • Health 


    Fees and charges to be shared between the parties (equal parts or to be defined): fixed amount or 121 euro/h VAT included for all tasks – charges fixed to 15% of the fees (phone, mail, printing…)

    Possibility of receiving financial aid by way of legal aid (available in French or Dutch only).


    Languages of the procedure: French or English

    Geographical competence

    • The Brussels region

    • The province of Walloon Brabant

    Prerequisites for acces 

    • You must have tried to solve the dispute directly with the private individual or the company, to no avail;

    • You can act as a private individual or as tradesman (legal entity or physical person).

    How does it work

    The Trialogues mediator is registered with the Federal Mediation Commission of the FPS Justice, in compliance with the Loi du 21 février 2005 sur la mediation. The mediator’s main mission is to open up a space where both parties can keep their freedom and their ability to act in the management of their disputes.

    The mediator remains neutral and must be accepted by both parties, and cannot testify in court. The mediation exchanges remain confidential, with the exception of the protocol and of the possible agreement signed by the parties. The mediator does not impose any solution but makes it possible for the parties to exchange their points of view in a constructive and secure communication procedure. He encourages dialogue and reflection through an environment that facilitates mutual listening and respect. He makes it possible to reach an agreement that complies with regulations and meets everyone’s interests. The mediation process works in many different fields.  

    Mediation protocol

    Mediation protocol to download (only available in French)

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    1 March 2024