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    Christophe Baekeland

    Address: Groenstraat 61, 3020 Veltem-Beisem
    Phone: + 32.485.48.35.45

    For which problems

    You can come to us for the following matters:

    • Commercial disputes including discussions between shareholders, managers and/or stakeholders.
    • Privacy-related topics including GDPR.
    • Construction, property and real estate disputes.
    • Disputes concerning education, transport, energy, financial services, telecommunications 


    During a first contact, I will check whether your dispute can be dealt with amicably or not. I will give you any useful information about my possible intervention. My rate will only start to apply when you and the other party have formally assigned me my mission.

    The mediator determines his hourly rate according to the nature, urgency and complexity of the dispute. The rate is communicated to the parties during the personal consultation.

    The usual rate is 165.00 euros per hour (excluding VAT) or 199.65 euros per hour (including VAT). This hourly rate can be adjusted depending on the nature of the case, complexity of the matter, number of parties involved and urgency. It includes all costs related to the time spent on the parties' file, such as opening the file, preparing meetings, drafting reports, conducting interviews, writing correspondence, etc.

    This fee is supplemented by the administrative and/or travel costs of the mediator. Administrative costs include meeting room, stamps and registered mail. The travel costs are 0.50 euro per kilometre (excluding VAT) (0.605 euro/km including VAT).


    Languages in which the procedure can be carried out:

    • Dutch
    • French
    • English

    Territorial competence


    Access conditions

    The parties must have tried to contact each other to settle their dispute, without success.

    All parties voluntarily agree to submit their dispute to the mediator.

    All parties are acting in their capacity as private individuals or as legally mandated representatives of a company.

    How does it work?

    Christophe Baekeland is an accredited mediator in civil and commercial matters in compliance with article 1727, §6 of the Judicial Code.

    Before a first meeting takes place between all parties, the mediator checks whether the dispute can be mediated. If this is the case, the mediator will have a separate personal consultation with each party. During this meeting, the mediator goes over the rules and principles of mediation, emphasising its voluntary and confidential nature. He also explains his deontological duties and reminds the parties of his neutral, independent and impartial attitude throughout the mediation. Finally, the parties are thoroughly informed of the mediator's fees and possible costs, as well as of the invoicing method.

    As soon as the full advance fee has been received, a first meeting is set up with all parties. Before proceeding to the subject matter of the mediation, it shall be verified that the parties have the required capacity and corresponding decision-making powers that enable them to make decisions in the context of the mediation. Also, the principle of the caucus is explained to the parties and the mediation protocol is gone over together, answering all the parties' questions. Finally, at this first meeting, the division of roles between the mediator and the parties is explained, and some practical and logistical arrangements are made with the parties. 

    The mediator establishes communication between the parties, clarifies their positions and tries to get them to find a (creative) solution to their dispute together, taking into account the interests of each party. If the parties reach a solution, it will be included in a mediation agreement that is binding and signed by all parties and the mediator.

    Mediation protocol

    A copy of a mediation protocol can always be obtained on request.

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