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    For which problems

    Disputes concerning contractual and extra-contractual relations and claims between companies or concerning the functioning of companies.


    When initiating a case, the party or parties requesting the mediation have to pay a fixed sum of 100 euros (including VAT) to cover the expenses of the first steps that are necessary to start a mediation procedure.

    Unless otherwise agreed, the fees and expenses are divided equally among the parties. There is a specific hourly fee for Belmed cases: 200.00 euros/hour (including VAT)

    Strelia charges actual expenses at cost and travel expenses at 0.5 euro/km (including VAT).


    Languages in which the mediation procedure can be conducted:

    • Dutch
    • French
    • English

    Geographical competence

    • Belgium

    Access conditions

    • You must have tried to solve the dispute directly with the company, to no avail;
    • You may act as a private individual or as a company (natural or legal person).

    How does it work?

    Strelia is a law firm made up of experienced associates and their teams, that unite their expertise and strengths in order to offer quality services to customers. Strelia is specialised in corporate law, dispute resolution, restructuring, insolvency and commercial law. Strelia has experienced lawyers and registered mediators who can also use their experience to avoid disputes or to solve them in the best manner possible.

    Mediation is a voluntary and confidential dispute resolution procedure. A mediator takes action as a neutral third party to facilitate communication between the parties. After he has identified the needs and interests to be discussed, the mediator helps the parties to find solutions that comply with their needs and interests with a view to the writing of a written agreement that can be ratified by a court of justice if desired.

    Mediation protocol

    Mediation protocol to download. (DOC, 75.5 KB)

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