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    Rue du Tivoli 12, boîte 32
    5002 Saint-Servais 

    Mobile phone: +32 498 845 929
    Fax : +32 81 21 67 42
    E-mail :
    website : (only available in French)

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    For which problems ? 

    Any civil, commercial or social dispute regarding:

    • consumer goods,
    • general consumer services,
    • post services and electronic communications,
    • transportation,
    • leisure services,
    • energy and water supply,
    • health and
    • education.


    During a first contact, I will check whether your dispute can be dealt with amicably or not. I will give you any useful information about my possible intervention. My rate will only start to apply when you and the other party have formally assigned me my mission.

    Honorary remunerations.

    Fees are determined by the sum involved in the case. All amounts are in euro.

    Amount involved in the case

    Fixed price for half a day (including VAT)

    (max. 3.5h)

    Fixed price for a full day (including VAT)

    (max. 7h)

    Hourly fee

    (including VAT)

    < 10,000




    10,001 – 40,000




    40,001 – 125,000




    125,001 – 250,000




    > 250,000

    Price to be agreed upon

    Price to be agreed upon

    Price to be agreed upon


    Besides the fees that cover the time spent by the mediator on the case, transportation costs (0.484 euro/KM, including VAT) will also be put on the bill. All other expenses (phone and/or administrative, photocopies, rental of premises, etc.) are to be paid by the parties.

    The time spent for all the steps or acts carried out before, during or after the mediation meeting will be taken into account for the calculation of the final fees (letters, reports, interviews, phone calls, etc.)

    Financial help is available through legal aid. (only available in French or Dutch)


    Language of the procedure:

    • French

    Territorial competence

    • Wallonia

    • Brussels 

    Prerequisites for access

    • You must have tried to contact the other party or the company, to no avail;
    • You can act as a private individual or a professional (legal entity or natural person).

    How does it work ?

    • Patrick Namotte is a mediator in social, civil and commercial affairs registered with the FPS Economy in compliance with the loi du 21/02/2005 (Mediation act of 21 February 2005).
    • The mediator tries to make the parties involved solve their dispute amicably and confidentially through negotiation. The mediator takes notes about the agreements found during these talks and, if the parties reach a compromise, he writes it down in a document. In other words, the mediator does not settle the debate and does not take any decision, he simply leads the discussion and writes down the final agreement.
    • The objective of a mediation procedure is to satisfy all the parties. The method used involves helping the parties to resume dialogue, making them aware of their responsibilities in the search for an agreement and finding solutions that are sometimes original but always satisfying for everyone.
    • A mediation procedure does not take place in court. Its location and timing are chosen so as to be convenient for all parties.

    Mediation protocol

    • Downloadable mediation protocol (only available in French)

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