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    Kim Wybo

    Address: Tavernierkaai 2,2000 Antwerp
    Phone: + 32 3 400 89 89
    Fax: + 32 3 400 89 88
    Mobile phone: + 32 486 58 64 45

    For which problems

    Business-to-consumer (B2C) or business-to-business (B2B) disputes concerning:

    • Purchase-sale
    • Renting
    • Construction
    • Energy
    • Financial services
    • Telecommunications
    • Transport
    • Real estate
    • Property


    During a first contact, I will check whether your dispute can be dealt with amicably or not. I will give you any useful information about my possible intervention. My rate will only start to apply when you and the other party have formally assigned me my mission.

    The mediation fees amount to 175.00 euro per hour, excluding 21% VAT, for the services of the accredited mediator.

    In addition to the fees, the following fixed costs are charged:

    • Opening file: 75,00 euro (once)
    • Letter: 10 euro/letter
    • E-mail: 7 euro/e-mail
    • Mileage allowance: 0.36 euro/km

    Unless otherwise agreed by the parties involved, the costs of mediation shall be borne in equal parts by each of the parties involved in the mediation.


    Languages in which the procedure can be carried out:

    • Dutch
    • English

    Territorial competence

    • Flanders

    Access conditions

    You are involved in the dispute as a natural person or legal entity and can personally act as a party to the mediation process.

    How does it work

    • Lawyer Kim Wybo has been accredited by the FPS Justice as a mediator in civil and commercial matters in compliance with the act of 21 February 2005.
    • The mediator undertakes to carry out the mediation in accordance with rules of good practice, legal and ethical provisions and in all independence and impartiality.
    • His task is to help the parties involved to talk to each other and to find solutions and agreements based on their needs. Mediation is a voluntary and confidential process for dealing with differences and conflicts in which those involved determine the most appropriate outcome.
    • The ultimate goal of mediation is to find agreements and reach a solution to resolve the conflict. The mediation agreement is usually written down and confirms what has been agreed between the parties involved. The word agreement means that both parties have to respect it. Mediation is always voluntary, and it is therefore possible that the process ends without an agreement.
    • The mediation process does not take place in court but in a location chosen by the parties and at their own pace.

    Mediation protocol

    The mediation protocol can be requested by email

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