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    For which problems

    Commercial and civil disputes dealing with all contractual and non-contractual relations and claims between companies or concerning the operation of companies.          


    During a first contact, I will check whether your dispute can be dealt with amicably or not. I will give you any useful information about my possible intervention. My rate will only start to apply when you and the other party have formally assigned me my mission.

    For the opening of the file, the party or parties requesting mediation shall pay a fixed amount of EUR 100 (including VAT) to cover the costs of the initial steps needed to initiate the mediation process.

    Unless agreed otherwise, the parties shall bear the fees and expenses in equal shares. There is a special hourly rate for Belmed cases: 200,00 euros/hour (including VAT).

    These amounts apply to any intervention before, during or after the mediation meeting.

    The time spent on all steps or tasks before, during and after the mediation meeting (letters, reports, talks, phone calls, etc.) is taken into account to calculate the fees.

    Actual costs are charged at cost price, travelling expenses amount to 0.5 euro/km (including VAT).


    Languages in which the procedure can be carried out:

    • Dutch
    • English

    Territorial competence

    Flanders & Brussels

    Access conditions

    • You must have tried to resolve the dispute directly with the company, without success;
    • You can act as a private person or company (natural person or legal entity)

    How does it work?

    Bedrijfsrevisor Beernaert is an audit firm focusing on company law, dispute resolution, restructuring and valuation. Inge Beernaert is an experienced auditor and accredited mediator who also uses her experience to avoid a real dispute or to help solve it in the best possible way.

    Mediation is a voluntary and confidential dispute resolution procedure. A mediator acts as a neutral third party to facilitate communication between the parties. After identifying the needs and interests to be discussed, the mediator helps the parties find solutions that respect these interests and needs, with the aim of drawing up a written agreement that the parties can have approved by the court if they so wish.

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