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    Submit a mediation request
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    For which problems

    Any dispute relating to:

    • consumer goods;
    • general consumer services;
    • post services and electronic communications;
    • transportation;
    • leisure services;
    • energy and water supply;
    • health;
    • education and
    • financial services.


    During a first contact, I will check whether your dispute can be dealt with amicably or not. I will give you any useful information about my possible intervention. My rate will only start to apply when you and the other party have formally assigned me my mission.

    The party or parties requesting the mediation have to pay a fixed sum of 50 euros for the opening of the case file, which covers the costs of the first steps required to start the procedure and will later be taken into account in the drawing up of the mediation protocol and, if applicable, will be deducted from the definitive invoice.

    Unless agreed otherwise, the fees and costs are shared equally by the parties and have to be paid in advance to the mediator. There is a specific hourly fee for Belmed cases: 121.00 euros per hour (incl. VAT).

    Actual expenses are taken into account. Travel expenses amount to 0.5 euro per km (incl. VAT).

    Possibility of receiving financial aid by way of legal aid (available in French or Dutch only).


    • Dutch
    • French
    • English

    Geographical competence

    • Belgium


    • You must have tried to solve the dispute directly with the private individual or company involved, to no avail;
    • You can take action as a private person or professional (natural person or legal entity).

    How does it work

    Billiet & Co is a law firm with mediators approved by the Federal Mediation Commission. It is specialised in conflict management, mediation, conciliation, arbitration and complex litigation.

    Mediation is a voluntary and confidential procedure. Its framework and rules are laid down in a mediation protocol, which is signed by all the parties before the mediation procedure starts. The mediator acts as a neutral third party in order to facilitate communication between the parties. After having identified the themes to be discussed, he helps the parties to find solutions that meet their interests and needs, with a view to writing an agreement that can be approved by a court if the parties request it.

    Billiet & Co offers other services besides mediation: legal advice, conciliation, aid in legal procedures and arbitration, med-arb, arb-med-arb, arb-med and other forms of alternative dispute resolution. This firm has won several awards and recognitions for the outstanding quality of its work.

    Mediation protocol

    Mediation protocol to download (DOC, 518 KB) 

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