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    Address 1: Rue de viemme, 46. 4317 Faimes

    Address 2: Avenue de Tunisie, 30. 4300 Waremme.

    Address 3: Bd d'Avroy 206, 4000 Liège.

    Mobile phone: +32 478 12 63 36
    Social media linkedin :

    For which problems

    Any dispute dealing with:

    • Commercial distribution (sales concession, branch office, franchise)
    • Competition law, trade practices, unfair competition, abusive practices, abuse of economic dependence
    • Property disputes
    • Postal and telecommunications services
    • Energy and water
    • Conflicts among shareholders
    • Financial conflicts
    • All commercial disputes (contracts, copyright, intellectual property rights, banking, insurance, commercial lease, etc.).


    50 euro administration fees.
    60 euro/hour.  If travelling, additional costs to be expected (0.75 euro/km)

    I work under the special exemption scheme for small companies: non-deductible VAT

    Financial assistance is possible through legal aid


    Languages in which the procedure can be carried out:

    • French
    • English

    Territorial competence  

    National disputes

    Access conditions

    • Be of legal age
    • Be involved in the case or duly mandated by one of the parties involved
    • As far as possible, not be in court

    How does it work?

    • an initial information session is organised, either in person or online
    • if the parties agree to start the mediation process, the mediation protocol (= order of the mediator) is signed;
    • beginning of the process
    • if the parties find a solution, a mediation agreement is drafted and signed

    Mediation protocol

    The mediation protocol is first discussed between the parties.   It classically includes the identification of the parties, the issue at stake in the dispute and the relevant legal provisions.

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