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    Avenue Jules Bordet 164
    1140 Brussels (Evere) 

    Phone: +32 2 778 62 47 
    Fax: +32 2 778 62 22 
    Website: (only available in French and Dutch)

    For which problems?

    For any problem relating to the purchase of a new or second-hand car or motorbike from a professional of the sector.


    • Each party is requested to pay a one-time, non-refundable financial contribution of 80 euros VAT incl.

    • If an expert is required, an estimate detailing the additional costs will be sent beforehand to the parties for approval.


    Languages of the procedure:

    • French

    • Dutch

    Prerequisites for access

    1. This has to deal with a dispute between a consumer and a company (B2C). Business-to-business (B2B) and consumer-to-consumer (C2C) disputes are excluded. The seller has to be a professional and the vehicle has to be registered in the name of a private individual;  
    2. you must have tried to solve the dispute directly with the company, to no avail.

    How does it work

    A certified conciliation expert will be designated and will first try to reconcile the parties. If he finds it necessary, he can also, provided the parties agree to it, ask for the assistance of an expert for technical or legal issues. The conciliation expert writes down proposals that are likely to lead the parties to an amicable settlement.

    If the Commission can reconcile the parties, a conciliation agreement will be drawn up and signed. It will specify how the costs of the procedure (and, if applicable, of the expertise) are shared. It has the same value as a transaction and, for the parties, as a proper judgement.

    If the conciliation procedure fails, the parties are still free to go to court or to refer to the Conciliation Commission to try and reach a conciliation.


    Form to download (only available in French and Dutch) or to ask from the Commission + enclose a copy of all useful documents.


    Procedure to follow (only available in French and Dutch).

    Last update
    9 November 2022