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    Kasteelstraat 1A B10
    1700 Dilbeek 

    Tel.: + 32 2 478 47 58 
    Fax: + 32 2 478 37 66 
    Website: (only available in Dutch or French) 

    For which problems

    Disputes concerning:

    • The furniture sector


    • The requesting party has to pay complaint charges, which amount to 100 euros (VAT included).
    • If the Arbitration Board rules in favour of the requesting party, the complaint charges will be refunded by the losing party.
    • If the Arbitration Board appoints an expert and the expert wishes to receive an advance before carrying out his mission, this advance has to be paid by:
      • the party requesting the expert’s assessment; or
      • the requesting party if neither party requested the assessment.
    • The complaint charges and the expert’s fees will ultimately be supported by the losing party.


    Languages in which the procedure can take place:

    • Dutch
    • French

    Geographical competence

    • Belgium

    Access conditions

    1. The trader has to apply the general terms of the Furniture Dispute Commission. The general terms of the furniture seller are on the back of the order form. Article 20 deals with the Dispute Commission;
    2. You must have tried to solve the dispute directly with the company, without finding any solution;
    3. AT LEAST one month should have elapsed since the dispute arose.

    How does it work

    • Download the information leaflet: available in Dutch or French.


    • Download the rules: only available in Dutch or French.

    Last update
    15 May 2023