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    Brusselsesteenweg 478 
    1731 Zellik 

    Phone: +32 2 463 19 50 
    Fax: +32 2 463 17 61 
    Website: (the website is only available in Dutch and French)

    Submit a mediation request
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    For which problems

    A textile item (clothes: jacket, coat, dress, skirt, shirt, blouse, sweater; carpet; soft furnishings; household linen: sheets, blankets, pillowcase, cover; curtains; hanging; leather, suede, satin, lace or woollen goods) was damaged at the launderette, wash house, dry cleaner’s…


    50 euro administration fee

    Prerequisites for access

    1. You must have tried to solve the dispute directly with the company, to no avail;
    2. The damage must have taken place one year ago MAXIMUM;
    3. The company (launderette, dry cleaner’s…) must be a member of the Belgian federation of textile care (check when you contact the commission) 

    How does it work

    A college made up of professional and consumer representatives will analyse the damage to see whether the professional is to blame and, if such is the case, to determine the compensation granted to the customer.

    Complaint Form

    Available on the website or to be asked + enclose copies of all useful documents


    The procedure to follow can be found on the website.

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    Last update
    12 May 2023