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    MédiateurThe ‘third party’ is a person or authority entitled to lead an alternative dispute resolution process.

    Depending on his degree of involvement in the search for a solution, the third party leads:

    1. a mediation procedure, if he restores dialogue between the parties and helps them to search for an agreement without taking a stand on the solution
    2. a conciliation procedure, if he presents his own solution to the parties 
    3. an arbitration procedure, when he imposes his decision (sentence) on the parties
    4. a mediation procedure, when he acts as ombudsman in a specific sector (insurances, energy, telecom…) and gives recommendations to the sector to solve the problems reported.

    To carry out this mission, the ‘third party’ must respect several rules:

    1. independence (he has no interest in the parties’ problem)
    2. impartiality and neutrality
    3. confidentiality (he cannot reveal the content of the exchanges between the parties)
    4. transparency (the parties are informed of the evolution of the process)

    Belmed collaborates with authorities that respect these rules and are notified to the European Commission or to the mediators approved by the FPS Justice.

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    6 March 2018