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    It is an official letter inviting the person it is addressed to (the debtor) to carry out within a fixed deadline an obligation that is his responsibility (solving a problem, paying a sum, respecting a contractual obligation, etc.)

    A formal notice should preferably be sent registered with an acknowledgement receipt, which makes it possible to prove that the formal notice has reached the person it was addressed to.

    Content of a formal notice

    A formal notice has to include at least the following information:

    • the date of writing
    • the contact details of the person it is addressed to
    • a summary of the problem
    • a resolution demand
    • a deadline to solve the problem
    • the contact details and signature of the sender
    • the presence of the terms ‘formal notice’

    Copies of useful documents can be enclosed (order form, estimate, invoice...)

    Example of formal notice

    Recorded delivery with acknowledgement receipt

    Formal notice
    Place and date
    Name and address of the sender
    Name and address of the addressee

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    Re: purchase of …… (description) – invoice/order form reference – … (date)

    I have bought the above-mentioned … from you on … (date).

    The contract (or order form) mentions a precise deadline (or date) for the delivery: ....... This deadline
    (or date) is now over.

    As I still have not heard from you, I enjoin and ask you to take all the necessary measures to proceed
    to the delivery during the next … days.

    Yours faithfully,


    Registered mail

    There are two ways of sending a letter by registered mail:

    • Traditional post
    • E-mail

    Electronic registered delivery (by e-mail) is legal if it is carried out by a qualified service provider. Providers of this type of services can be qualified by the FPS Economy if they meet specific requirements. You will find more information on this qualification procedure on the website of the FPS Economy (available in French or Dutch).

    You can check the list of qualified service providers (available in French (PDF, 82.37 KB) or Dutch (PDF, 82.93 KB)) authorised to deal with electronic registered deliveries.

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    14 June 2018