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    What does one mean by 'consumer dispute'?

    Litige commercialWith ‘consumer disputes’ we mean a problem that appears during a business transaction between a consumer and a merchant.

    Belmed can handle such disputes, but does not deal with disputes between private individuals.

    Belmed cannot be used either for:

    • Cases of fraud,

    • Cases of swindle,

    • Disputes in the context of tax or social law.

    Belmed does cover disputes between businesses.

    What do we mean by 'B2B commercial dispute'?

    BalanceThis concerns a problem occurring during a commercial transaction between two tradesmen.

    Out-of-court dispute resolution with Belmed is only possible for complaints relating to tradesmen that are registered with the CBE (the Crossroads-Bank for Enterprises).

    In concrete terms, this means that a foreign company can also use Belmed for a B2B dispute with a Belgian company.

    With Belmed, registered mediators can handle B2B commercial disputes as well as consumer disputes (between a consumer and a tradesman).

    Belmed cannot handle:

    • disputes between private persons,

    • cases of fraud or swindle

    • or disputes that relate to tax or social law.

    When you are looking for a mediator on the Belmed website for your commercial dispute with another business, you can recognize the competent mediators by the “B2B” symbol next to their name.

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    6 March 2018