Belgian Patent Register (eRegister)

The eRegister allows you to consult complete patent texts in the Belgian Patent Register, as well as the bibliographic data and even the relevant correspondence between the patent office and the patent holders.

Belgian patent publication documents are available, in PDF and/or XML versions, for consulting and downloading via :

  • BPP-eRegister for Belgian patents granted as from 22 September 2014 ; and
  • Espacenet database for Belgian patents granted before and as from 22 September 2014. Their bibliographic data are available in eRegister with a link towards Esp@cenet.

Belgian patent publication documents are available for re-use of public data (see the notice about re-use of public data).

Via the Benelux Patent Platform portal (tab eRegister) you can check whether there has been any prior registration of similar or related patents, published in Belgium.

Consulting the eRegister is free of charge and requires no registration.

The update of eRegister may, under certain circumstances, take several days.

Which information does the Belgian patent register contain? 

It comprises data on: 

  • Belgian patents;
  • European patents designating Belgium (including EURO-PCT);
  • Belgian supplementary protection certificates (SPC) for medicinal and plant protection products.

More specific:

  • names and data of patent holders and patent licensees;
  • the legal status of each patent (granted, lapsed, expired, revoked, etc.);
  • the scientific or technological description of new technological processes or products;
  • publication documents for Belgian patents granted as from 22 September 2014.

The "Espacenet" patent database

Espacenet is a European network of patent databases which is available online for free. This service is managed by the European Patent Office (EPO) in collaboration with national offices of EPO member states. The system has a simple interface which allows even inexperienced users to carry out searches in their own European language. This database has more than 60 million patent documents from throughout the world.

By accessing Espacenet via one of the national office websites, you can search through all patent requests or published patents from 1997-1998 until now, and sometimes earlier.

A certain number of national offices provide access to a larger number of publications.

The OPRI’s Espacenet server contains publications on national patents from 1984 to today.

Access the Espacenet server of the Belgian Office for Intellectual Property.

The European Patent Register (EPO)

The online European Patent Register is a database which contains all published European patent requests, international patent requests (PCT) related to one or more member states of the European Patent Convention as well as published European patents.

For each of these files, bibliographic data and information on the procedure are available from the first publication until the patent is issued. The online register also contains many additional details on the exam, objections and appeals which are normally available by consulting the file.

Access the European Patent Register

WIPO Patentscope Database 

The PATENTSCOPE database provides access to international Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) applications in full text format on the day of publication, as well as to patent documents of participating national and regional patent offices.

The information may be searched by entering keywords, names of applicants, international patent classification and many other search criteria in multiple languages.

Access Patentscope

Last update
22 June 2020