The Law of 28 March 1984 on patents indicates in Article 16(3) that, without prejudice to the application of the provisions of the Laws of 10 January 1955 and of 4 August 1955 (i.e. security, national defense and nuclear safety), any patent requests which are filed shall be mentioned in the Patent Register. Article 25 of this same Law indicates in the first paragraph that the Patent Register is available to the public at the Office.

These lists meet this legal obligation by providing the public with two monthly lists containing the publishable bibliographic data (classified alphabetically and numerically) of the requests filed each month with the Office. A thirteenth annual list incorporates all the corresponding monthly publications.

Readers are reminded that the required conciseness of this information means that some information may be left out. The full text of publishable data is available at the Office upon request (12 euros per patent request).

Last update
9 August 2019