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    Intellectual property rights are a topic in many fields of study, at upper secondary, university and college level. For the poets, designers and scriptwriters of the future, but also for the engineers and architects of tomorrow, it is crucial to identify intellectual property rights and to protect them (or have them protected). For them, as well as for their teachers, ThatsIP is an indispensable educational and interactive tool.

    In order to cover the full range of intellectual property rights, the possibilities of protection by patents, trademarks, designs, copyrights and plant breeders' rights are explained. The various intellectual property rights are presented by means of a theoretical part, practical examples and a quiz.

    The modular structure makes it easy to find answers to specific questions. Students can browse through ThatsIP on their own and find the information they need.

    Teachers can obtain and use additional information by requesting a login via the "teacher's guide" option. Following this request, the IPObel will quickly deliver the relevant data.

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    23 February 2024