In need of advice to protect your idea or concept? You are in doubt, or do not know what measures to take?

ideeSCAN is an anonymous online questionnaire, which provides easily accessible information on how best to protect an "idea".

It consists of a series of simple questions, which can be completed in only 10 minutes. After analysing your answers, you will immediately receive, free of charge, a summary document that provides concrete information on intellectual property rights based on your answers. This document also contains links to relevant information on the websites of the participating partners and other relevant organisations.

What is the purpose of ideeSCAN?

ideeSCAN was developed to make you aware of the different intellectual property rights:

  • What might the use of intellectual property imply for you?
  • What intellectual property rights will add value to your concept?

ideeSCAN is based on the Belgian legislation on intellectual property and the Benelux legislation on trademarks and designs.

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Last update
23 February 2024