Article 16 § 3 of law of 28 March 1984 on patents states that, without prejudice to the application of the provisions of the laws of 10 January 1955 and 4 August 1955 (i.e. security, national defence and nuclear safety), patent applications are mentioned in the Patent Register. Article 25 §1 of the same law states that the Patent Register is open for public inspection at the Office.

These tables comply with this legal obligation by providing the public with two monthly lists containing the publishable and sorted (alphabetically and numerically ) bibliographical data on the applications submitted to the Office every month. A thirteenth annual list contains all the corresponding monthly publications.

The reader's attention must particularly be drawn to the fact that the need to keep the data concise sometimes requires certain information to be truncated. All the publishable data are  available at the Office subject to an application for a paid attestation (12 euros per patent application).

Last update
21 February 2023