Article XI. 27 of the Code of Economic Law states that:

§ 1. The modalities for maintaining the Register are determined by the Minister. The Bulletin  mentions the inscriptions included in the Register. The Register is open for public inspection at the Office.
§ 2. The Office publishes in full the patents granted  and the patents modified in application of Articles XI.55, XI.56 and XI.57. The bibliographical data of  these patents are published in the Bulletin  and made available at the Office headquarters and on the Office website.
The King sets the conditions for subscription to the Bulletin .”            

The full texts of Belgian patents are available, in PDF and / or XML format, for consultation and download, free of charge and without conditions, via:

  • BPP-eRegister for Belgian patents granted as from 22 September 2014 and
  • Espacenet database for Belgian patents granted before and as from 22 September 2014. Their bibliographic data are available in eRegister with a link towards Espacenet.

These full texts are also available for re-use of public data (see the notice on re-use of public data).

Last update
16 May 2024