If the design rights are to be maintained, they must be renewed within the specified deadline, and the data relating to the design must be updated.


The term of protection is five years, which may be renewed on four occasions (the maximum term of protection is 25 years).

Renewal is donte through the payment of the renewal fee.

Updating of data

The data contained in the register must be up-to-date.

An online notification or ad hoc form, depending on the case, must be used to notify the Benelux Office for Intellectual Property (BOIP) of any modifications. This applies, for example, to a change of address, the granting of a licence or the transfer of the design to a third party.

It is also possible that a judge decides to cancel the design. Any cancellation must be registered with the BOIP.

Similarly, if a third party claims to be the real creator of the design, he may ask the BOIP to mention this claim in the Register.

Last update
18 March 2022