Play music in family circle

No permission is required and no rights have to be paid, as long as the music is played in a family circle or within a group of people with a close family or social connection.

There are also no rights to be paid to play music in the following cases:

  • at a birthday party at home to which only friends are invited;
  • for the elderly residing in a rest home;
  • in an office or workshop where only colleagues are present.

Play music in public

However, payment of rights is due for playing music:

  • in cafés, restaurants, shops, youth centers, cultural centers, hairdressers, beauticians, cinemas and on markets;
  • during an evening event where an entrance has to be paid or which is accessible for everyone;
  • during sporting or recreational events;
  • at dinners, barbecues and banquets which are open to the public;
  • in companies, associations and public services, when the music is of a public nature.

When playing the music is considered public, rights must be paid for authors, performers and producers.

With regards authors, their prior permission must be obtained. Turn to SABAM with this request. 

For performers and producers, a so-called "equitable remuneration" is due. To do so, contact directly the competent management organisation which manage related rights in the field of music. These are PlayRight and Simim respectively.

From 1 January 2020, a license for the use of music can be requested via the single platform UNISONO, managed by Sabam, PlayRight and Simim. With a single license and a single payment, you are covered for the copyrights and related rights.

The tariffs take into account the different types of events and criteria, such as the entrance fee, the turnover of the entrance fees and the surface area of the location.

Last update
23 March 2022