Consumer or retailer, do you feel wronged by the sale of products that you do not believe are conform to what you might expect from an authentic quality product and do you suspect a counterfeit?

Holder of an intellectual property right, do you feel wronged by the infringement of your intellectual property right ?

Intellectual property rights

Firstly, one important point : the competence of the FPS Economy, SMEs, Self-employed and Energy on counterfeiting only concerns infringements of an intellectual property right. This notion goes further than a simple "fake" or a simple imitation. It implies a protection granted by an official organisation; in this case it is an intellectual property right, such as a patent, a trademark or a design; or it implies a copyright. Each situation is examined on a case-by-case basis.

With the aim of finding out more about the nature of this protection, contact the IPObel (FPS Economy),

Intellectual property rights now occupy an essential place in the economic life of businesses, universities, and consumers. Every day, consumers use products, services, or processes that are protected by one or more intellectual property rights. From mobile phones to music, including furniture, household appliances, television, books, toys, computers, cars, food products and drinks, intellectual property is a part of your everyday life.

Who to contact if you have acquired a counterfeit article ?

The Directorate General of the Economic Inspectorate will process your complaint, if it concerns a fraud on the Belgian domestic market.

Some examples :

Checks at European Union borders remain the responsibility of customs. Customs (FPS Finance, Central Administration of Customs and Excises) are indeed competent for checking goods at points of entry to the European Union:

  • ports, airports,
  • roads
  • parcels.
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6 January 2022